2 Bedroom Granny Flat right elevation
2 Bedroom Granny Flat left elevation2 Bedroom Granny Flat floor plan

14.3×3.3m Portable Building (Cyclone Rated Cat-C2)



  • Galvanised steel chassis
  • 50mm EPS sandwich panel roof & walls
  • Fire Retardant Core & Galvanised Steel Skins
  • Aluminum sliding glass doors & windows
  • 18mm Yellow Tongue flooring with 1.8mm vinyl overtop

Can be forklifted, tiltrayed or craned using 4 lifting points. Heavy duty base frame custom sizes and layouts welcome.

Priced at $23,850 flatpack

(* Price does not include bathroom or kitchen fittings)

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Comes with full instructions and very easy to assemble all pre-cut and modular, or we can arrange to have assembled for you.

Additional Information
Dimensions 14.3 x 3.3 x 2.6 m