By paying a deposit for an invoice you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below.

HC Containers and Portables prices are valid for the period of 30 days from issue of quote & not final until invoice issued & deposit paid.


HC Containers and Portables, Portable Buildings are covered by a twelve month warranty against defective materials and workmanship if applicable & is valid to the original purchaser only. Warranty does not cover Additions & Modifications, Misuse of the product, Improper maintenance, Accidents or Collisions, Any acts of God e.g. flooding, storms & damage caused by any weather conditions & any deliberate or ignorance of standard operation of the building. HC Containers and Portables must be given the first opportunity for any repairs. All transport costs to HC Containers and Portables come at the cost & responsibility of the purchaser.


Our products are intended to be Portable and Temporary in nature and are not intended to be fixed structures. If the intended use is to be a fixed structure please consult with your local authority on any applicable regulations and consult with a building certifier prior to purchase to ensure that the products are suitable for its intended use.


The purchaser shall be responsible for all fees, permits and certificates required by their local shire council or any other relevant authorities. The Purchaser shall ensure that any product supplied by HC Containers and Portables is fit for its intended use before purchasing.


Manufacture will not commence until deposit received. If order cancelled, deposit will be held until unit sold & delivered to new client minus 15% Admin Fee of invoice amount. Delivery or handover of unit will not take place until all terms of payment are completed. Goods will not be dispatched unless full payment made.

Delivery of buildings will need to take place within 2 weeks of completion. If customer is unable to take delivery, storage charge of $200 per week for buildings up to 8m long and $400 per week for buildings over 8m long will apply. Buildings will not be released until all storage payments have been made. HC Containers reserves the right to send any buildings to auction to recover any unpaid fees. Customer will receive the balance of auction proceeds minus cost of transport, storage fees, auction commission and any other costs inured by HC Containers as a result of auctioning any buildings.


Where specific performance characteristics or special statutory authority regulations apply which require variation to the standard specification of the goods, it is the client’s responsibility to provide the full information required to meet these requirements, and to meet any expenses by way of engineer’s or other specialists fees and charges as well as meeting the cost of any materials and labour necessary to achieve the design characteristics or statutory authority requirements .It is the purchasers responsibility to check that the standard specifications of goods are applicable to their use & relevant authorities. HC Containers and Portables will not warrant or guarantee any goods that are used in a way not covered by the intended use.


50% deposit on invoice issue from SRL Industries Pty Ltd Trading as HC Containers and Portables.
Delivery or handover will not take place until all terms of payment are completed.


HC Containers and Portables shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of profit), injury, damage or expense (direct or indirect of consequential or otherwise) incurred or suffered by the purchaser or any third party by reason of any failure by the purchaser or any third party to fit or use the goods not in accordance with recommendations, instructions and intended use. A failure to adhere to recommendations, instructions and intended use may affect your warranty.


If you have any questions or would like to know more information call us on 0400 191 111